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Small lunch table

Have a dinner in the company of your colleagues or friends

Small and cozy table

Hidden from strangers’ looks by hookah smoke – the best seats to enjoy hookah flavors

Table for a good dinner and relaxation

Relax with your best friends while enjoying a pleasant evening

Place for a pleasant dinner

Enjoy sweet courses without being disturbed

Separate table for a group of four

Quiet place, perfect for a business meeting

Secluded spot for a company

Cozy spot to relax with a jolly crowd

Comfortable table for evening rest

Soft couches and cocktail drinks at your service

High stool at the bar counter

Enjoy the comfort of the place without leaving the bar counter

Two tables for a company of friends

Enjoy the space and coziness together with a big company

Dinner table

Comfortable place to dine and then enjoy a fruit-flavored hookah

Quiet place to rest from the city noise

A quiet corner to run away from the city hustle

Hookah table

A fruit-flavored hookah will become a good contribution to your date or meeting

When hookah is the specialty

Spend this evening smoking a hookah and enjoying the best shakes from our bar chef

Old friends’ meeting

A good spot to spend evening with your pal and to discover new delicious fruit flavors smoking a hookah

Place for evening rest

Enjoy a hookah tonight from exterior seats in the porch to feel the evening sunlight

Table for two

Evening atmosphere of the city enriched with a full-flavored hookah and luxury liquors

Pleasant dates

Soft colors and easy atmosphere make your conversation more pleasurable

Table to enjoy evening colors

Cozy spot for a pleasant summer evening. Try our refreshments and desserts.

Table in the porch

Professionally cooked foods and fresh air – the best evening rest

Separate table in the porch

A cup of coffee and shakes and hookah, all enjoyed leisurely, without the fuss and commotion outside.


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